Robert S Folkenberg

Curriculum Vitae


Director, Global-Evangelism, Carolina Conference, 1999-


Honorary D.D., Atlantic Union College, Massachusetts, May 1992

Honorary D.D., Andrews University, Michigan, 1991

Honorary D.D., Southwestern Adventist College, Texas 1990

M.A., N.T. Theology), Andrews University, 1962-63

College--Andrews University, MI, 1960-62

--Newbold College, England, 1959-60

--Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts. 1958-59

Secondary --Milo Academy, Milo, Oregon, 1956-58

--Yuba City, California, 1954-56

Primary --Yuba City, CA; Havana, Cuba (Grade 5);

--Puerto Rico (Grades 1-4)


Ordained a Seventh-day Adventist Minister, Takoma Park, MD, December 24, 1966

Denominational Service

--President, General Conference of S.D.A, 1990-99
--President, Carolina Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, 1985-90
--Assistant to the President, Inter-American Division, Miami, Florida, 1980-85
--President, Central American Union, 1975-80
--Secretary, Central American Union, 1974-75
--President, Honduras Mission, Honduras, 1970-73
--Stewardship Department Director and Conference Evangelist, Panama Conference, 1968-69
--Pastor, Colon, Panama, 1966-68
--Singing Evangelist with the Roger Holly Evangelistic team working in the Columbia Union, 1964-66
--Pastoral Intern, Battle Creek Tabernacle, Battle Creek, Michigan, 1963-64

Personal interests and hobbies include:

Flying: Robert Folkenberg secured a single and multi-engine airline transport pilot's rating, commercial helicopter and seaplane rating, and utilized his flying skills bush-flying more than 2,000 hours in Central America and the Caribbean. His next objective is a multi-engine seaplane rating.

Scuba Diving: Learning to dive as he served as volunteer chaplain with the 8th Special Forces in Ft. Gulick, in the Panama Canal Zone, he uses every opportunity to dive and at the same time looks for specimen sea-shells for his wife's collection.

Back packing, camping: He enjoys the peace and quiet of nature and faithfully sets aside a few days twice a year to escape into the mountains.

Collecting coins of the United States: He began collecting U.S. coins in 1965 and today keeps a record of each coin stored in his computer and carries in his computer a list of the specific coins he is looking for as he travels.

Computers: Fulfilling his writing obligations and maintaining contact with church leaders around the globe has been possible only through his familiarity with and utilization of the latest computer technology. In the process some of that technology has served him well in some of his personal interests, such as those referenced above.

Genealogy: During the 25 years he has built a comprehensive family tree, with a database which today approaches 8000 members of his and Anita's family the extent of which is constantly being extended.

Oil Painting: Though his recent responsibilities have limited the time he can dedicate to this hobby, he still sets aside some time to paint favorite landscapes.

Motorcycles: He has had a motorcycle almost constantly for the last 25 years and even today loads his camping equipment into a small trailer he pulls behind his Honda Gold-Wing as he heads for the mountains to go camping.

Gardening: Ever since becoming acquainted with Food for the World author, Jake Mittleider, Folkenberg has had an interest in gardening. He grew almost all of the vegetables for his family in their back yard during their years in Central America and even today finds time to care for 5 "grow beds" (5' X 20') and experiment with various methods of high-intensity production.

Projects undertaken:

1970-73: Designed and supervised the construction of, staffed and initiated operations in, and funded an eighty-bed acute-care hospital in Valley of the Angels, Honduras.

Applied for and secured West German government financing for, and implemented the expansion of a secondary boarding school complex near Lake Yojoa, Honduras, to include a vocational training center and two new dormitories.

1974-80: Funded and built an expansion to the Union office complex in Guatemala City, including additional office space, two apartments and ten houses.

Raised funding for and oversaw construction of AM, FM and SW radio stations and an audio-production facility in Guatemala City.

Supervised extensive relief activities for victims of the massive earthquke which struck Guatemala on February 4,1976, including, securing financial assistance from SAWS, several western European governments and U.S., and European private corporations and foundations, building warehousing facilities, distributing hundreds of tons of relief supplies and participated in the rebuilding of thousands of houses.

Facilitated the establishing of an orphanage in Guatemala, to help care for children abandoned in the earthquake, assisted in organizing, and currently serves is a board member of, International Children's Care, the not-for-profit Vancouver, Washington-based organization that operates this orphanage as well as childrens-care facilities in 9 other countries.

1980-85: Submitted proposals for community-development grants to many western European governments as well as private corporations and foundations for community health, basic services, health and education institutional projects, oversaw their completion and submitted final reports to the funding agencies.

Secured funding for the construction of AM and FM radio stations in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Costa Rica, and the expansion of stations in Puerto Rico, Guadeloupe, and Martinique, in addition to establishing a computerized program production facility in Miami.

Served as Chairman of the Board of Montemorelos University, (a liberal arts institution with 2,000 students, hospital and school of medicine in Nuevo Leon, Mexico) during the time of a 600% currency devaluation and 100% annual inflation. During this time the hospital construction was completed; the school of medicine curriculum was substantially modified; administrative organization restructured, and operating finances stabilized.

Led out in the preparation of documentation and approval process for the development of an educational institution that would provide U.S. accredited Bachelors and Masters level degrees, but operated primarily on existing college campuses in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Jamaica.

1985-90: Provided funding for the establishment of a new orphanage in San Jose, Costa Rica, to be operated by International Children's Care.

Collectively, the Folkenberg and the Emmerson (Mrs Folkenberg) families have given over 121 years of mission service to the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the Inter and South American Divisions as well as the Euro-Africa Division.



Planned and developed the Global-Evangelism program designed to provide pastors, laymen and women, and college students, from the economically-developed world, where the church isn't growing as we might wish, the opportunity of preaching evangelistic campaigns in the parts of the world where the church is growing. As of 2003, many thousands of campaigns are sponsored in seven divisions and 600 campaigns are being preached by guest evangelists from North America and Western Europe, including almost 200 students from every college/university in North America and four in Western Europe.

Personal Born Santurce, Puerto Rico, January 1, 1941

Married Anita I. Emmerson, July 29, 1962

Children Robert S, 1964

Kathi Lynne, 1967